GECKO FILTER allows you to filter and block what your children can see online...
Parental Filtering & Blocking

With Gecko Filter you can control what sort of content
your children can see when they’re online. Once installed,
the software will run silently in the background, checking
webpages before they are shown for adult related content.
If Gecko Filter deems a page inappropriate it will block the
page. Simple...
You're In Control...

  • Block by categories including profanity, drugs & gambling
  • Run in hidden mode with password protection
  • Block all internet access with the click of a button
  • Runs automatically on start-up
  • Free trial - try before you buy
  • Gecko Kids Mode

    Gecko Kids is a hand selected catalogue of kids websites.
    In Gecko Kids mode, these are the only websites that
    can be viewed - anything else will be blocked.

    The websites are orginized into categories including
    games, learning, activities & videos, making it the
    perfect starting page for your child.
    Combine with Gecko Monitor
    Combine with our computer monitoring software, Gecko Monitor,
    for a powerful combination. Find out more about Gecko Monitor

    For more information about all of our parental products head here.
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